Railway Claim Services


I. Opening Remarks

II. Contracts

III. Employee Injuries

A. When an accident/injury occurs

1. Completion of injury report

a. Employee

b. Employee Witnesses

2. Preservation of Records and equipment

3. Inspections - by appropriate management personnel

4. Photographs - by persons designated

5. Statements - by persons designated

6. Records - time sheets, consists

7. FRA required drug/alcohol testing

8. FRA required reporting

9. After inspections & photos, correct any safety problems

10. Document! Document! Document!

B. Medical Treatment

1. Coordinate with designated physician

2. Accompany the employee for medical treatment

3. Contacting the family

4. Medical monitoring

5. Document! Document! Document!

C. After The Injury

1. Periodic, personal contact

2. Insure proper medical attention

a. Medical management

b. Rehabilitation

3. RRB Benefits

4. Advancements/Salary Continuation

5. Document! Document! Document!

IV. Crossing Accidents

A. Notification

B. Identify witnesses/potential witnesses

C. Consists/Train Sheets/Switch Lists/Delay Reports/Train Orders

D. Inspection(s) of Equipment

1. Signals

2. Rolling Stock

3. Right of Way

4. Etc.

E. Identification of Motorist(s), guest passengers, police officers, etc.

Operating Supervisor should insure completion and distribution of crossing accident reports prior to leaving the accident scene.

G. Do Not Discuss. . . .

H. Photographs

I. Statements

J. Document! Document! Document!

V. 3rd Party Claims

A. Duties and responsibilities of Railroad

B. Follow the same procedures as steps III and IV

VI. Catastrophic Claims

VII. Miscellaneous